Douglas Chapman and Associates is a company of experienced food technologists and business professionals. We have over 50 years’ combined and diversified expertise in the food processing industry.

Consulting service for Canadian and international processed food manufacturers

We are the go-to consulting service for your Canadian processed food interests. In food processing technology we offer:

  • Canadian technical expertise
  • Canadian business support
  • Canadian government liaison

Food technology and food processing expertise

We combine food functionality with aesthetic appeal in a cost-effective manner.

  • Mayonnaise, dressings: batch, continuous
  • Margarine, shortening, spreads: scrapped surface crystallization, resting tubes, extrusion plates, pin mixers
  • Thermal: retort, UHT, hot fill
  • Dry blending
  • Encapsulation: spray cooling
  • Extrusion, co-extrusion
  • Confectionery: refining, conching, tempering, enrobing, moulding
  • Aeration: aerosol, Mondomix
  • Frying: continuous, batch, pressure
  • Bakery: lamination, sheeting, filling, ovens: band, reel, impingement
  • Microwave applications

Food product development, labelling, costing and testing

In food processing technology we offer:

  • Food product development, including organoleptic and functional analyses
  • Canadian food labelling and nutrition facts panels
  • Conformance to food product standards and regulations
  • Food costing, cost control, and cost reductions
  • Food ingredient control, allergen testing, food product specifications and data sheets
  • Food processing control and trouble shooting
  • Food pilot plant scale ups
  • Food production line commissioning
  • Development of interface with food co-packers and food service operators

Our areas of specialization are focused on developing healthier foods.

Edible fats and oils technology

We are experts in the reduction of saturated fat and trans fat in food products. To optimize the fat system in a food we consider:

  • The number, size and type of fat crystals
  • Fat’s melting and solidification characteristics
  • Fat’s ability to aerate, hold air and resist oxidation
  • Formation or breakdown of stable fat containing emulsions
  • Fat’s contribution to lubricity, texture, flavour and colour
  • Most importantly, the overall nutritional characteristics of the food

Sodium reduction

With our background in flavourings and food ingredients, our company will reduce sodium in your products to yield healthier foods while maintaining the product’s integrity and uniqueness. To reduce sodium we consider:

  • Target sodium reduction level, 30%-50%
  • Sodium functionality
  • Original flavour profile and techniques to retain

Other areas of healthy food specialization include:

  • Gluten and allergen-free foods
  • High fibre, low fat and low sugar foods
  • Omega 3 foods
  • Fortified foods and nutraceuticals

Business support for food technology and food processing firms

We have managed food businesses, departments and food projects in both the private sector food industry and in government. Our services include:

  • Assessment of food production efficiency and effectiveness
  • Competitive food SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Food market research to determine customer needs and the best way to service those needs
  • Food or food ingredient sales, marketing and or technical service support on behalf of your food company
  • Assessment of food product costing, pricing, distribution and promotion
  • Implementation of food projects – concept to completion
  • Evaluation  – food import / export opportunities

We will undertake your project or explore your business opportunity and ensure that deliverables, timelines, resources and costs are controlled.

Government support for food technology and food processing firms

Douglas Chapman and Associates are able to access the appropriate government departments on your behalf. We bring 15 years of combined experience working inside government in positions whose mandate has been support of the food technology and processing sector.

We offer support to gain contacts and information. We also advise on food regulations, financial incentives and food import / export requirements. With our extensive experience in government we can help you:

  • Understand available programs and relevance to your food products and business
  • Determine the appropriate ministry or department
  • Find the right people and advise on the right food-related approach
  • Assemble supporting information
  • Prepare applications
  • Advise on food standards and regulations
  • Advise on food import / export regulations and procedures