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Flavour Consultancy Services

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FlavoLogic is a consultancy company dedicated to all aspects of flavour. As flavour is a key driver for overall liking and consumer loyalty, flavour properties can be a competitive advantage or disadvantage. We offer consultancy services at all stages of a product’s lifetime, including:

  • Off-flavour identification – rapid response in crisis situations and crisis prevention
  • Quality – specifications, shelf-life and process variability
  • Productivity – replacement of ingredients and process optimisation
  • R&D – process and ingredient innovation and authentic flavour generation

Flavour chemistry and instrumental analysis

Although sensory is the ultimate authority for judging food products, flavour chemistry and instrumental analysis explain flavour properties and can be used to guide flavour development.

With our molecular understanding of flavour properties and appropriate analytical data, we can assist in creating targeted approaches towards innovative ingredients or processes that are executed like experimental designs (DOE).

Analytical training and flavour consultancy

Knowing that flavour topics often cannot be solved in one day, we are interested in entering into strategic partnerships with our customers to support them from the beginning to the end of a project.

Our aim is to share our knowledge and experience in flavour topics and to serve as discussion partners. We will leverage our scientific and analytical network and provide and assess scientific and patent literature.

When necessary, we base our consultancy on analytical results and provide adequate analytical data. We are happy to develop analytical methods for our customers or to train staff on analytical or sensory techniques.

Flavour analysis for identification of compounds or quantification

FlavoLogic’s analytical approach is based on the analysis of the compounds that really matter, such as analysis of aroma or taste relevant compounds with a clear identity and proven relevance. Only with this approach can meaningful data be generated to understand and control flavour properties or further develop products and processes.

For these reasons, FlavoLogic relies on gas chromatography / olfactometry (GC/O) for the identification of aroma compounds and on GC / GC-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) for quantification.

FlavoLogic has an available range of different sample preparation techniques, allowing for a meaningful and reproducible analysis.

Off-flavour identification and crisis management

We respond and act quickly in crisis situations and identify the chemical nature of off-flavours. We contribute to the identification of the root cause and assist in finding the scenario that led to the incident.

Our chemical identification process will attribute the off-flavour to specific ingredients, processing parameters or different types of external pollutions / taints.

Aroma profiles for new product development

New product development can benefit from an in-depth understanding of flavour properties of own-brand and competitor products. New processes or ingredients can be defined on the basis of their impact on the overall flavour of the product.

Aroma profiles can be evaluated jointly with sensory data obtained during major sensory category appraisal studies. This evaluation will give a detailed understanding of the chemistry behind differently performing competitor products.

Product flavour quality control with instrumental analysis

The flavour character and its stability can be monitored effectively by means of flavour analysis. Our efficient analytical approach means that flavour deviations can be recorded and tracked.

The analysis tracks the correct levels of desirable flavour compounds, as well as the eventual occurrence of undesirables. This allows for the flavour quality of incoming goods, as well as of finished products, to be controlled.

White Papers

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    You must understand a flavour in order to deliver winning flavour quality and customer satisfaction. For Flavologic, sensory perception is the ultimate authority.

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