The Industry Report Store is the one-stop shop for comprehensive online resources and market research reports. Our reports provide key decision makers with analysis, news and expert commentary in 40 industries for over 100 countries worldwide. You will be able to find over 150,000 premium global and country sector reports, consumer trend reports, company profiles and market guides which will help you make the right decisions for your business.

Our market research reports are gathered by over 700 expert analysts using both primary and secondary research techniques to give you the thorough information your business deserves. Some of our reports are based on industry surveys where managers and directors are interviewed, and insightful analysis also comes from our in-house expert teams.

What do we offer with our Canadean food reports?

Canadean has for a long time been known as the reference point for providing business information to businesses across the beverage, packaging, retail, health and beauty and food industries.

We have various reports available in the form of forecast reports, sector reports, market profiles, market guides, company profiles and SWOTs depending on your requirements, and all of these reports are available by geographical location, global or by country.

Our country reports, which are our customers’ favourite, provide you with the following information chosen for your specific demography:

  • Market growth stats
  • Industry forecasts
  • Sales figures, trends, market dynamics and opportunities
  • Company profiles, positioning and financial information
  • Competitor analysis

Why do you need us?

Canadean research reports for the food industry cover the entire spectrum of the consumer value chain, from suppliers, manufacturers and distribution channels through to consumer insights and trends. We provide businesses with the essential information needed when planning to expand or enter new markets.

Furthermore, our reports can also be used to help businesses get a better idea of how their target consumers and shoppers behave when faced with a purchasing decision. Do you know what makes your customers buy your product over your competitors’?

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