Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) offers a comprehensive range of sustainable energy services for food processing companies.
Engineering services include feasibility assessments, design, tendering, construction management and independent inspections for the installation of renewable energy generation systems for the food processing industry.

Renewable energy system feasibility assessments for the food industry

GSES offers feasibility assessment services to inform prospective investors of technical and financial risks, as well as the benefits of installing renewable energy generation at a food processing facility.
Feasibility assessments are ideal for clients that want to evaluate if an investment in a renewable energy system or technology will be beneficial. GSES analyses the available solutions and suggests the products that will offer optimal results. Services have been used by local governments, property developers and utility project developers in Australia and internationally.
GSES assess greenfield sites based on the land available for use, resources, regulatory requirements and existing infrastructure. GSES also analyses existing sites based on electricity demand, occupancy, usage of resources, and energy efficiency. Assessments are carried out using various technology and software packages to collect the data required to make a client recommendation.

Renewable energy feasibility reports of food processing facilities

Once the inspection has been carried out, GSES creates a report on the suitability of the client’s properties for energy savings. The report also provides information on the most suitable systems for high-potential properties and measures that can be installed cost-effectively.
For high-potential properties within the food processing industry, a report is provided with detailed options of systems that are most suitable for the site, as well as estimates of the energy yield, cost, and return on investment for each system. Locations and layout for the systems are proposed in the report, in addition to a bill of materials for the design of the systems, which can be included in requests for proposals.
Additional services offered by GSES include tender / specification preparation, commercial reviews of tenders and quotes, inspections of installed renewable energy systems, as well as compliance assessments according to various requirements.

Preliminary and detailed solar energy design for the food industry

As part of its design services for food processing facilities, GSES offers preliminary and detailed designs of renewable energy systems, including grid-connected photovoltaic (PV), stand-alone PV and hybrid power systems.
Preliminary designs are suitable for project developers and bidders to model chosen concepts, refine or estimate system costs, and create a tender design. GSES collects data for the preliminary design from site inspections, analysis of interval consumption data if available, and integration of architectural or structural designs.
GSES provides detailed design services for renewable energy systems within the food processing industry. These are used by project developers, as well as design and construct (D&C) companies that have secured projects.
Detailed designs can be used to finalise project requirements, organise required permits, create a detailed bill of materials and form a construction plan. The company aims to optimise the efficiency of the project plan and construction work with its services.

Tendering services for food processing facilities

GSES offers request for tender (RFT) document development, as well as tender evaluation for companies in the food processing industry.
RFT services are provided for project developers to ensure contractors are chosen fairly and competitively. GSES manages the complete RFT process, including its issue, supervision of the tender portal, as well as management of documentation, addendum and the question and answer forum.
The company utilises a granular tender evaluation matrix that is customised according to individual projects. This allows developers to rank and consider the submitted tenders in a quantitative way.

Construction management for renewable energy projects in the food industry

Food processing businesses can be represented by GSES during project construction to ensure quality assurance, variation approvals and programme management.
GSES construction management services are designed to represent the interest of project developers and investors. Services include programme management under construction phases, reference mapping, review of documentation, organisation of test events, and ongoing programme risk mitigation.

Independent inspections for sustainable energy sources

In order to ensure projects are being carried out in line with contract specifications and required standards, GSES can provide system design verification and installation validation.
Clients within the food processing industry can determine the scope of the inspection from a range of services and comprehensive compliance validation. This includes system verification according to the project contract, as well as auditing of the design documentation to ensure they meet specifications.
Other services can include confirming the predicted energy yield by verifying the estimated calculations, in addition to infrared imaging of a set of modules with their connectors and all isolation points. I-V curve tracing for the strings in the system can be inspected, along with instantaneous or 120-hour performance ratios.
Certified inspectors can confirm warranty claims on solar power modules or inverters. GSES warranty testing and reporting process has been developed by the company and can be customised according to client specification.

Operation, maintenance and training services

GSES provides asset management services and comprehensive training for operation and maintenance personnel.
In addition, online introductory training is available for those wishing to learn more about solar power systems.