Integrated Consulting Solutions (ICS) is a management services company that helps food processing businesses develop, audit and maintain management systems; achieve certification to international standards; manage risk; improve business efficiency; and drive customer satisfaction.

ICS provides food safety management system auditing, HACCP consulting services, a range of food safety management system development, audit and certification services, and food safety training programmes.

Food safety management system auditing

All our auditors are experienced RABQSA-qualified auditors or equivalent with excellent communication skills and the ability to work quickly, autonomously and effectively. After thoroughly assessing both the gaps and strengths of your system we suggest ways to improve that are built on and integrated with your current system. We specialise in systems and solutions that:

  • Are customised to your organisation’s unique needs and culture
  • Are user-friendly and can be both easily maintained and changed by you as your needs change
  • Have a minimum of documentation
  • Will not only meet your compliance requirements but will improve your business and save you money

ICS prepares your system to guarantee compliance and successful certification by an external body if required. Your staff will be thoroughly prepared and trained to maintain the system and to undertake external audits as required.

HACCP consulting services

ICS’s HACCP consulting services typically follow a number of steps. Firstly, your consultant will evaluate your process and identify where the risks are, to determine what is required to achieve compliance with regulations and to create a user-friendly system for your organisation.

The next step is to establish what the potential hazards are at various points in the production process (CCPs) and to create a plan that will prevent them and/or fix them if they happen (the HACCP plan). All relevant staff are then thoroughly trained in the reasons for, and the requirements of, the HACCP system according to your organisation’s and individual needs.

Your consultant will then set up a simple system of records which shows how well you have been identifying, monitoring and eliminating hazards, including records of risks, how they are being controlled and what prevention programmes are in place. Afterwards we provide on-going assistance, checking in with you on a regular basis to ensure that the system is effective and to make any changes or improvements you require.

RABQSA-qualified food safety auditors

As a lead quality and food safety auditor, Heather Bienefelt specialises in the development, implementation, maintenance and auditing of ISO 9000 quality management systems and food safety management systems.

As a qualified Certificate IV trainer and workplace assessor, Heather has extensive experience in the design and delivery of training programmes and workshops, as well as the training and mentoring of internal audit teams.

Glenda Hamilton is an international food industry professional who has made her mark in food quality product innovation and business development. She has hands-on knowledge of streamlining businesses and improving efficiencies, as well as identifying key business niches and designing products to fill them.

Glenda builds robust and simple HACCP and ISO and DHS compliant quality systems that are easy to use and pass audit the first time.

Food safety management system development, audit and certification

As part of its range of food safety management system development, audit and certification services, ICS can perform internal, supplier and third-party audits, can undertake management system design, development and implementation, and can provide management system maintenance and continual improvement assistance. Standards covered include:

  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001:2008)
  • Food safety (HACCP and ISO22000)
  • Environmental management (ISO 14000)
  • Occupational health and safety (AS 4801 and SafetyMAP)
  • Product certification (e.g. AS4766 water tanks)
  • Risk management (AS 4360)

Food processing business improvement services

ICS’s business improvement services for food processing companies include productivity improvement, productivity audits, process mapping, improvement and redesign, and waste reduction.

Food safety training programmes

ICS’s food safety training programmes include:

  • Internal quality auditor
  • Quality assurance awareness
  • Food safety requirements
  • Product certification requirements
  • Internal auditor mentoring