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Preventive Maintenance Solutions for Food Processing Plants

Maintenance consultancy services

IDCON offers consultation services for maintenance efficiency in the food processing industry.
The company trains organisations to optimise production reliability and reduce the costs of manufacturing and maintenance. Its services include planning and scheduling, root cause analysis, preventive maintenance (PM) and spare parts management.
IDCON provides maintenance audits and process implementation, which are customised to meet client requirements.

Improving efficiency of maintenance strategies in the food processing industry

IDCON trains food production organisations in current best practice (CBP) techniques that help improve the reliability of plant systems and reduce inefficient downtime.
The company teaches operations and maintenance strategies that are developed based on IDCON’s extensive experience with more than 300 organisations worldwide.
IDCON performs a reliability and maintenance assessment to investigate the leadership and organisation of processing plants, as well as small parts and material management, facilities, technical databases and scheduling.
This audit includes performance comparisons between the client’s food processing plant and the CBP documentation, which comprises around 200 criteria designed to reduce maintenance costs and reliability. Differentiations are identified and scored, allowing managers to compare the processes of their organisation against others.
Based on these comparisons, IDCON develops an action plan that involves progress monitoring as improvements are implemented.

Maintenance planning and scheduling in the food processing industry

IDCON provides thorough training for maintenance planning and scheduling in food processing plants. This customised, formal and on-the-job coaching is designed to develop key skills. It can be combined with asset management, PM programme or materials management system to improve productivity and decrease downtime.
The company helps define clear roles within clients’ planning and scheduling teams, reviewing and updating existing workflows, as well as organising any backlogs. It also submits shutdown and turnaround reviews, assesses the use of computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) and performs any other required actions.

Asset management and preventive maintenance optimisation

IDCON optimises asset management, working with PM programmes to ensure that equipment is set up correctly and regular inspections have taken place.
The company will efficiently compile all asset management activities and determine what PM tasks should be kept, changed or removed.
IDCON offers professional implementation support services and customised training in different methodologies to decide whether a PM task is valid or not. Its skilled and experienced consultants document PM processes and provide customised training in essential care and inspection techniques. The company helps clients understand why and how these valuable processes work.

Root cause analysis for issues in the food processing plant

The second phase of IDCON’s asset management plan identifies the problems that need to be resolved at food processing plants.
IDCON helps food manufacturers develop the critical thinking skills necessary to identify and document the root causes and effects of each issue. These two components naturally and cost-effectively add root cause analysis (RCA) into daily reliability management processes.
The company’s consulting service ensures that a well-developed RCA is implemented alongside functioning asset management, planning and scheduling systems. This frees up resources because there will be fewer emergencies due to successful PM.
IDCON primarily focuses on the use of critical and creative thinking in root cause problem elimination (RCPE). It helps clients’ teams develop critical thinking skills for evaluating problem statements, data, facts and possible causes, as well as identifying breaks in logical reasoning. The teams will be able to develop new ways to find information, create solutions and make sure that those solutions work.

Spare parts management and technical data

IDCON’s spare parts management programme ensures that food industry supervisors, planners and personnel can quickly and easily access required materials or parts. The programme helps plants become more efficient and organised in terms of spare parts.
The company also develops a decision model for stocking spare parts, as well as organises storerooms. It supports implementation strategies and helps determine customised key performance indicators (KPI).
IDCON helps clients get to where they need to be to run food processing plants most effectively. The company develops systems and procedures to establish documented expectations and measure execution using KPI.

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