The Improve Group is Australasia’s leading competitive manufacturing training and implementation provider. Competitive manufacturing programs turn the average business into a world-class operation. The Improve Group has a successful history of working with world-renowned food and beverage processors throughout Australasia, enabling them to enjoy greater business success.

Our programmes encompass the best of lean manufacturing, lean logistics, lean processing, Six Sigma and total preventative maintenance (TPM).

Competitive manufacturing programs for the food and beverage industry

The Improve Group’s competitive manufacturing program is a nationally recognised training program that provides companies and their staff with real workplace-based projects designed to improve processes. The program is tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

Competitive manufacturing enables companies to reduce production costs and increase profits by introducing a number of improvements to the workplace, including waste reduction. Upon successful completion of the program each participant is awarded a Certificate (III or IV) or a Diploma of Competitive Manufacturing.

Government-funded competitive manufacturing training

Government funding is available to undertake competitive manufacturing training (subject to eligibility criteria). In many cases these programs can be cost neutral or better. Talk to us to find out how you can turn your training department into a profit centre (Australia only). In New Zealand these programs are still subsidised. Contact us to find out more.

Government-subsidised lean manufacturing assistance

The Improve Group is a preferred provider to the Australian and New Zealand governments to assist industry implement productivity improvement programs using lean methodologies. These programs can attract a 50% subsidy through the Enterprise Connect (Australia) and NZTE Lean Business Program (New Zealand).

Rapid improvement events for the food and beverage industry

Accelerate your improvement program with our action-based rapid improvement events. These include a mixture of ‘train and do’, normally run during a two to four hour session followed by rapid application of the learning. Carried out over a two to five day period, these workplace events are used to make a radical change in a short time. The changes are so dramatic it is hard to go back to the old way of doing things.

Used as a key tool in any lean implementation and often referred to as a ‘Kaizen’ activity, teams challenge existing methods and devise newer, faster, higher quality and more value-adding ways of doing things.

Interactive training programs for the food and beverage industry

With many years of experience in operational excellence development and delivery our coaches are known for their effective delivery style and client results. Based on highly interactive activities and workplace projects, our implementation and training programs deliver higher results to the client than standard programs. From experience, we know that engaging and involving participants in the improvement process is the best way to increase their business and learning outcomes.

Our coaches work with you to achieve genuine business results that are training enabled. Before tailoring a program The Improve Group offers a consultation and free on-site visit to ensure your company gets the best results.