February 2006 management briefing

Foodservice is a complicated market to define and quantify. It includes companies that supply meals on a contract basis to institutions. Other sectors serve the general public through fast-food outlets and coffee shops, sometimes as franchisees, such as McDonald’s and Subway. Restaurants and cafés, from independents to large multinational chains such as Pizza Hut, are also covered by the term ‘foodservice’. Growth through insight is the lifeblood of the foodservice market, which must continually innovate and evolve to succeed against its growing list of competitors – not just within the sector but also from retail. This briefing considers current and future trends that will drive the foodservice market forward around the world over the next six years, such as natural versus perceived freshness, and the balance between health and indulgence. Foodservice is an ever changing and expanding industry making it extremely difficult to quantify. However, just-food has selected five countries with huge potential from Europe, North America and Asia Pacific to focus on in its examination of future trends.

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