What have boxers Prince Naseem Hamed and Chris Eubank, legendary footballer George Best, and comedian Frank Carson got in common? They’ve all been signed up to promote milk in a fun new animated generic TV advertising campaign. Their voices will be appearing alongside their cartoon ‘doubles’, Simpson’s style, in a hilarious new set of adverts for milk.

The £9m campaign is believed to be the first in the UK to feature animated stars and follows a growing trend in popular TV programming featuring ‘guest appearances’ from cartoon celebrities – as seen in The Simpsons (which has featured everyone from Paul McCartney to most recently Britney Spears), South Park (where Elton John, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion have all appeared) and Scooby Doo (which saw the likes of Sonny and Cher appear as guest stars in the 70’s).

George Best

The opening burst of the campaign will feature animated ‘doubles’ of legendary footballer, George Best, boxers Prince Naseem Hamed and Chris Eubank and stand-up comedian Frank Carson, with plans to introduce new celebrities regularly. The National Dairy Council, which is running the campaign with funding from Britain’s dairy farmers and milk processors, believes that it will only be a matter of time before celebrities are clamouring to see their animated selves in the campaign, just as they line-up to ‘appear’ in cult ‘toons’.

Frank Carson

The campaign, which is designed to encourage people to drink more milk and aimed primarily at adults, is about milk drinkers being everyday heroes – people who are not afraid to show what they are made of: people who are made of ‘THE WHITE STUFF’. The campaign’s strapline – ‘THE WHITE STUFF – Are you made of it?’ – a wordplay on ‘the right stuff’ – is humorously delivered by Jonathan Ross.

Ad ‘creatives’ include a hilarious scenario when a young girl rescues a terrified Prince Naseem Hamed and Chris Eubank from a tiny spider by gulping down her glass of milk and doing the classic glass/paper trick; a milk-drinking George Best in a football club shop and Frank Carson reduced to a gibbering wreck on stage when a woman drinking milk in the audience makes it clear that she doesn’t appreciate ‘fat mother-in-law’ jokes.

Chris Eubank

Created by one of the UK’s top three ad agencies BMP DDB, ‘THE WHITE STUFF’ will be the first national generic ad campaign for milk since 1994 (Dancing Milk Bottles) and follows other memorable campaigns including ‘Gotta Lotta Bottle’ and ‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day’. It will be on air for 18 months from 19th June 2000, when it will appear on television for the first time in the ad break of Coronation Street.

Commenting on the campaign, Andrew Ovens, Marketing Manager for the National Dairy Council said, “This high profile campaign is all about making milk famous and reminding people to drink more of it. The campaign’s combination of lively animation with humour and the use of well-known celebrities will put ‘THE WHITE STUFF´ on the lips of everyone. We are confident that it will achieve for milk what previous campaigns such as ‘Lotta Bottle’ and ‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day’ achieved – and make people want to drink more of it, significantly increasing milk sales.”

Prince Naseem Hamed

So watch out for your favourite celebrities as you’ve never seen them before on TV and remember the phrase that’ll be on everybody’s lips this summer – ‘The White Stuff – are you made of it?’

George Best in a football club shop

For more information and to download the Milk Screen Saver, please visit www.milk.co.uk