Read about the latest new food products from Japan. Both Western and traditional products are well represented, the list boasting green tea and pomegranate ice cream, sugarless gum with medicinal herbs and rice-based ready meals, to name but a few. Black tea-flavoured cheese cream stands out, as does a new type of candy in liquid spray form. Japanscan reports

Premium Ice Cream
Haagen-Dazs Japan: Haagen-Dazs Summer Cooler. A combination of crushed ice and ice cream to produce a summer dessert. Cranberry juice and crushed ice combined with strawberry and cream ice cream and pineapples. Also green tea syrup and crushed ice combined with green tea ice cream and azuki beans. Coffee syrup and crushed ice combined with dulce de leche caramel flavor ice cream and whipped cream. Single portion Y400, double Y500.

Ice Cream
Marunaga Seika: Marunaga Zakuro & Gyunyu Soft [pomegranate and cows milk]. This ice cream is a premium type ice cream in a cone topped with pomegranate sauce. Pomegranate is very much in fashion this year as a healthy ingredient. 150 ml cone Y150, 15 per case.

Ice Milk in Heat-Insulated Packaging
Kanebo Foods: Kanebo Nama Choco Ice [nama means fresh] and Kanebo Noko Vanilla Ice [noko means rich]. These two ice milk products are in the form of easy to eat cubes. They are packed in the new heat-insulated film that Kanebo introduced this summer. This heat-insulation packaging means that a family size pack can be safely carried home without melting in the hot weather. Both packed in 6 x 12.5 ml cubes Y250, 6 or 18 per case.

Gelato-type Sorbet
Snow Brand Milk Prod: Dole Fruit in Gelato. This fruit sorbet has the soft and sticky texture of Italian gelato type ices. These are high quality sorbets with a reduced sweetness to allow the fruit flavor to dominate. Made with 100% fruit juice and fruit pulp for a very fruity mouthfeel. The fruit has been sterilized by a special process to preserve flavor and aroma. Two varieties – strawberry, grape, both made with fruit grown in Japan. 140 ml cup in a paper sleeve Y250, 12/case.

Ezaki Glico: Glico Collon. Cylindrical shape wafer type cookies filled with a fruity cream center. Two varieties – strawberry milk, banana. The soft cream center contains 5% strawberry pulp or 12% banana pulp. 48 g box Y80, 80 per case.

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Kanebo Foods: Kanebo Candy Spray. A new type of candy in the form of a liquid spray, first reported in JAPANSCAN March 2000 page 10, number 102, now on national launch. The consumer sprays the candy directly into the mouth. It is a combination of fruit and mint flavors to impart a refreshing and stimulating mouthfeel. Three varieties – lemon mint, peach mint, grape mint. The liquid candy is packed in a small pocket size spray looking like cosmetics. Aimed at girls in junior and senior high school. 9.5 ml, no printed price, guide price Y180, 240 per case. Sales target Y2 billion (anticipating a hit product).

Snack Foods
Tohato: Tohato Toast Series. This new style snack consists of bite size pieces of toast in two flavors – butter garlic, creamy caramel. The flavored toast is packed in a tall cup with a film lid. This type of packaging for snack foods is increasing in popularity. 33 g cup, guide price Y140, 20 per case.

S & B Foods: S & B Kankokufu Noriaji Potato Chips [Korean style, flavored with nori laver]. These potato chips follow the current fashion for Korean foods. The potato dough is kneaded with nori laver for full flavor, plus Korean chili pepper and sesame oil. Hot and spicy, rich flavor potato chips. 70 g bag, guide price Y115-Y125, 40 per case.

Functional Milk Products
Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt Calcium, Very Low Sugar. This yogurt supplies 342 mg calcium, half the daily requirement of calcium (650 mg) in each 200 g cup. Non-fat milk solids 9%, milk fat 3%. 200 g plastics cup Y100, 24 per case.

Health Foods
Kanebo Foods: Kanebo After Meals Soothing Gum [translation]. This sugarless gum contains several Chinese medicinal herbs to soother the stomach after eating. These herbs and spices include cinnamon, ginger, licorice, fennel, mint, etc, plus oyster shell and the proteolytic enzyme papain. The gum contains 60% xylitol, kind to the teeth. Aimed at men in their 20s. 24 g (net weight 15.5 g) Y200, 120 per case.

Slimming Products
MOA Co.: Kimchi Slim. A slimming product imported from Korea. Kimchi is traditional Korean pickles containing hot chili pepper. Kimchi itself is presently enjoying great demand in Japan in all kinds of food, this is a good time to launch Kimchi Slim. This product is a kimchi extract, it takes 100 kg of kimchi to produce 1 kg of this extract. The kimchi used is made by fermenting root vegetables, cereals, spices, fermented fish and shellfish, etc. Dietary fiber is added to the extract to aid slimming. This company calls it a biogenic complex. This extract is said to regulate energy uptake, promote the excretion of lipids and waste matter, promote the burn off of body fat and the breakdown of glycogen for energy, eliminate free radicals (antioxidant action) and suppress skin aging. Korean people used to consume on average 150 g kimchi every day. Since more western foods, convenience foods and fast food have been consumed in Korea there has been an increase in obesity among young people. This new sliming food is aimed at young people in their teens and 20s. Daily dose 15 tablets in 3 divided doses taken with water after a meal. 420 x 250 mg tablets Y4,800. First year sales target Y500 million.

Nutritional Supplements
Kikkoman Corp.: Kikkoman Hatsuratsu Monogatari [lively story]. This nutritional supplement contains grape seed extract polyphenols, soybean extract iso-flavonoids in tablet form. Aimed at middle-aged women. Grape seed polyphenols are popular because of the French paradox which suggests that the death rate from cardiac disease is low in France because the people drink red wine containing grape seed polyphenols to protect blood vessels. Soybean iso-flavonoids are popular because they prevent osteoporosis. Each tablet contains 20 mg polyphenols and 18 mg iso-flavonoids. Daily dose 5 tablets. Y3,800 [one months supply].

Baby Foods
Wakodo KK: Wakodo Oko-sama Noodles [noodles for children]. These cup noodles are designed for young children from one year old. Two varieties – lightly salted, soy sauce. The noodles are made without food additives and the elasticity is suitable for children, These are non-fried, freeze-dried instant noodles made from Japanese grown wheat high in amylose which is readily digested. The noodles are cut into short lengths of 1.5 cm, easy for children. Only 90 kcal per cup. The soup is only lightly salted (sodium chloride content 0.8%). 25 g paper cup Y180.

Sugarless Products
Ezaki Glico: Glico Xylets. Sugarless bubble gum made with 55% xylitol. Tooth-friendly bubble gum in two new varieties – wild grape, cranberry. These products have a sweet fruity and stimulating acid flavor. The cranberry has the added health benefit of the antioxidant properties of cranberry juice. 10 sticks of gum per pack Y100, 160/case.

Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Bulgaria Cranberry Mix Yogurt, Low Fat. This brand leader in yogurt contains the currently fashionable cranberry fruit. This yogurt has the acid and tangy taste of the fruit and a crunchy texture. The other fruits in the mix are blackberries and raspberries, but the main flavor is that of cranberries. Milk fat content 0.1%, vegetable fat 1.3%, cranberry fruit content 10.5%. 180 g plastics cups Y130, 12 per case.

Hoko Fishing: Black Tea Rare Cheese Cream [translation]. This is a new flavor in fresh cheese for use in cheesecake. [Rare cheesecake in Japan is the non-baked type of cheesecake made with fresh cream cheese.] This product for the food service industry is a blend of rich and creamy fresh cream cheese and Ceylon black tea. A new flavor which is a good match. 500 g pack shaped like a forcing bag for ease of use, 24 per case.

Sauces for Yogurt
Q P Corp.: Aohata Yogurt Mate Sauce. [Aohata means blue flag, it is the brand name of a subsidiary of Q P]. This series of fruit sauces to mix with plain yogurt is now relaunched in a new container. This bottle has a hinged cap that prevents drips. The container is made of three layers of polyethylene to produce an improved oxygen-barrier. These sauces are displayed in refrigerated show cases alongside yogurt. Varieties – strawberry, blueberry, peach with raspberry, aloe with grape. 150 g PE bottle (aloe with grape 145 g) Y230, 24 per case.

Sauces and Dressings
Kenko Mayonnaise: Kenko Coleslaw Dressing – Basil. A blend of two types of herbs and 4 spices to produce an aromatic and rich dressing ideal on raw vegetable salad and also on fish, seafood and meat dishes. 180 ml table-top bottle Y250, 12 per case.

Meat Products
Kawatetsu Shoji: Nozakis Otsumami Corned Beef [otsumami is a snack]. Corned beef in stick shapes packed in a retort pouch – a new idea for a snack. Ideal as a snack with alcoholic beverages but also for a picnic and as a topping on meals. Made with quality Nozaki brand smoked corned beef. 80 g retort pouch Y298.

Bread Rolls
Shikishima Baking: Pasco Brown Sugar and Milk Coupe. Soft buns made with brown sugar and filled with a milk cream. Brown Sugar Walnut Donuts, cake type donuts made with brown sugar and walnuts and with a glazed topping. Pineapple Bun made with pineapple chips and pineapple juice, a fruity bun. These are examples of a range of products all made with ingredients from Okinawa. Retail price Y100 – Y200.

Friskie KK: Friskie Wan Petit Gourmet. Quality dog food for small dogs. Two new varieties – beef with cheese, beef with small fish. Packed in the new slim pack (single serving) to keep the food fresh.

Cup Noodles in Bowls
Toyo Suisan: Maruchan Umami Sinmen [tasty hot cup noodles]. This new series is launched with two varieties – Piri Shoyu Ramen [spicy soy sauce cup noodles] and Piri Miso Ramen [spicy fermented bean paste cup noodles]. The semi-thick square noodles are smooth and elastic and do not contain added starch. The soup of the spicy soy sauce variety is based on beef and chicken extracts and flavored with spices such as roast onion, chili and sesame. The garnish contains flavored ground pork, fried onions, sweet corn, red peppers and leeks, 81 g. The soup for the miso variety is based on roast pork extract and contains roasted garlic, ginger, chili and sesame. The garnish includes flavored ground pork, cabbage, sweet corn, red peppers and leeks, 87 g. Both contain 65 g noodles Y155, 24 per case.
Itomen: Barito-fu Yakisoba Meegoren [Balinese fried noodles]. This is a new cup noodle dish from Indonesia. The ethnic sauce, containing fish sauce, brown sugar and chili pepper, is sweet and spicy. The garnish includes squid, cabbage, kikurage mushrooms, red pepper and chili. 110 g (80 g noodles) Y155, 24 per case.

Frozen Ready Meals
Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Curry Creamy Doria [doria is like a gratin but contains rice in place of pasta]. This frozen ready meal can be heated in the microwave oven for only 4.5 minutes (600W oven), very quick and convenient. The curry sauce is made with fresh milk for a rich and creamy flavor. Ingredients include ground meat, spinach, carrots, onions and sweet corn. Topped with cheese and sprinkled with curry powder for extra flavor and color. Each pillow pack contains 2 x 220 g servings Y500, 10 per case.

Mix for Preparing Sushi
Nagatanien: Nagatanien Sushi Hanako. A mix for preparing gomokuzushi [loose sushi with a variety of ingredients]. This mix has a sweeter flavor as it is aimed at young women and children. This mix contains bamboo shoots, lotus root, kanpyo [fried gourd shavings], carrots, shiitake mushrooms and a generous quantity of dried nori laver. Pack sufficient for 4 servings (no weight quoted) Y300

Cooking Sauces
Moranbon KK: Moranbon Prawns in Chili Sauce. A sauce for preparing the popular dish prawns in chili sauce. This sauce contains hot and spicy tobanjan [fermented broad bean paste with chili], the natural sweetness of tomatoes, cloves of garlic and ginger. An authentic chili sauce. The consumer fries the prawns then mixes in the sauce, simple. 110 g stand-up retort pouch Y160.

Q P Corp: Aohata Verde Pumpkin Soup. An improved variety in this series of substantial soups in a stand-up retort pouch. This rich flavor pumpkin soup is made with pumpkins and fresh cream. It contains chunks of pumpkin, at least 55 g per pack. 220 g retort pouch Y250, 24 per case.