Quick cooking and instant rice and
methods of making same

Author: Uncle Ben’s
Inc.  (Lin Y.H.E., Jacops L.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 923 313 En:en Priority
data: (US) (27.6.96) Filing date: 13.6.97 see published patent document for Designated
Contracting States. WO 97/49300 (31.12.97) (saan: 502032)

Abstract: The invention
relates to quick-cooking and instant rice products, and methods for their production.
 The invention aims to simplify and reduce the costs associated with the production
of quick-cook rice products. The rice is produced by manipulating wet rice mechanically at
a moisture content of about 17-32% by weight, preferably by wet milling the rice to remove
the bran, and then drying. The mechanically manipulated wet rice can also be instantized
after the wet flexing step to produce an instant rice. The process results in a product
with a natural appearance and flavour, improved mouthfeel, improved cooking yield and
improved integrity.

Method of preparing a dairy spread

Author: Unilever NV,
Unilever plc  (Bodor J., Kuiper J., Ledeboer A.M., Pleijsier M.T., Smit J.C.,
Ijsseldijk Y.M.P., Vreeker R.)
Patent Type: PCT Patent Application  WO 99/18807  En:en
  Priority data: (European Patent Office) (13.10.97) Filing date: 29.9.98 See
published patent document for Designated Contracting States. (saan: 500653)

Abstract: After heat
treatment, dairy spreads (such as spreadable butter, margarines containing acidified dairy
ingredients, cottage and cream cheese) can be grainy, mealy and chalky. A method of
producing an improved heat-treated dairy spread is disclosed, in which a cheese milk or
cream, or a combination of the like, is acid-coagulated in the presence of a suitable
culture. The culture comprises an exopolysaccharide-producing lactic acid bacterium
capable of reducing graininess.

All natural ice-cream

Author: Quest
International BV  (Lipsch M.H.M., van Schie B.J.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 923 307 En:en
  Priority data: (World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)) (23.7.96)
  Filing date: 21.7.97   See published patent document for Designated
Contracting States.   WO 98/03079 (29.1.98)   (saan: 502021)

Abstract: A formulation
for an all-natural ice cream is presented. It does not contain any additives or components
having an e-number; neither does it contain egg yolk.  It offers improved mouthfeel,
texture, taste, and storage stability compared with of other additive-free ice-cream
products. The product contains non-fat milk solids and/or whey components, water,
carbohydrates and fat, and is characterized by a stabilizing composition consisting of a
taste-improving substance, a water-phase thickener, and/or an air-phase
stabilizer. The stabilizing composition is also suitable for use in other frozen
dairy products such as yoghurts.

Chewing gums containing dipeptide

Author: Holland Sweetener
Co. VOF  (Fry J.C., Hoek A.C., Kemper A.E.)
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 912 104  En:en
  Priority data: (Netherlands) (16.7.96)  Filing date: 14.7.97
  See published patent document for Designated Contracting States.
  WO 98/02048 (22.1.98)   (saan: 500745)

Abstract: The use of
chewing gums containing dipeptide sweeteners such as aspartame and alitame is limited by
the chemical stability of the sweetener and less than optimal sweetness release,
particularly in the presence of aldehyde flavouring components. A formulation with
improved flavour quality and persistence characteristics is disclosed. The chewing-gum
sweetening agent is a sweetening salt of an aspartic-acid-derived dipeptide and a
derivative of a sweetening agent -for example, salts of aspartame or alitame with
acesulfamic acid, or saccharic acid. Optimum flavour quality is achieved with particle
sizes of 100-200 microns. The gum contains aldehyde-based flavourings. The production
process for such gums is described.

Microwave popcorn preparation and
serving package

Author: Hunt-Wesson Inc.
 (Scrimager C.)
Patent Type: PCT Patent Application  WO 99/19233  En:en
 Priority data: (US) (14.10.97)   Filing date: 13.10.98   See
published patent document for Designated Contracting States.  (saan: 500645)

Abstract: Microwave
popcorn has become a popular snack-food item. This invention concerns an expandable
package, which contains a charge of popcorn kernels; specifically, it relates to a package
that can be converted to a convenient serving container after the kernels have been popped
in the microwave. The container provides direct and easy access to the popcorn.

A process for preparing improved
oven-finished French fries

Author: Procter and Gamble
Co.  (Taylor K.M., Kester J.J., Elsen J.J., Corrigan P.J., Biedermann D.T., Papa
Patent Type: European Patent Application  0 918 467 En:en
  Priority data: (US) (29.4.96)   Filing date: 16.4.97  See
published patent document for Designated Contracting States. WO 97/40709 (6.11.97)
  (saan: 502097)

Abstract: This invention
is one of a series from the same company concerning the production of oven fries having
improved taste and textural characteristics. The oven-baked fries of the invention are
claimed to taste as good as their traditional deep-fried counterparts and to have an
equivalent crispy outer texture and soft inside. In this invention, a process for rapidly
oven-finishing oil-enrobed prebake fries is described. The oven-finished shoestring french
fries of the invention can be baked in as little as 0.75 minutes at a temperature of
325-800 F. (See also PCTs WO 97/40707, 97/40708, 97/40710, 97/40711 and 97/40712.)

Use of pyruvate and anti-cortisol
compounds in a method for enhancing physical endurance and athletic endurance in a mammal

Author: Beale P.K.
Patent Type: United States Patent  5 919 767  En:en
  Filing date: 23.2.98   (saan: 500702)

Abstract: Cortisol is
produced by the body during prolonged bouts of physical activity. This catabolic hormone
reduces swelling but also causes the breakdown of connective tissue and lowers the
immunity of the body. This is a disadvantage to an athlete and can be overcome by using
cortisol blockers, e.g. dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Pyruvates can be used to slow down
the deposition of fat in the body. This patent describes a compound that can be used by
athletes. It contains a cortisol blocker and pyruvate, which act synergistically to reduce
the amount of fat deposited and to increase the amount of lean muscle in the consumer. It
is said to increase the endurance of the athlete and to enhance his/her performance,
particularly in endurance events, e.g. marathons. It can include flavourings, vitamins,
etc., and can be in powder, liquid or tablet form. It can be added to a variety of foods,
e.g. bakery goods, confectionery, chewing gum and rehydration solutions. It can be used by
AIDS and cancer patients to prevent weight loss.

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