Two of Latin America’s largest food companies have today (19 May) announced plans to merge, a move that will create the world’s largest poultry processor and a food giant operating in categories from pizza to desserts.

Here is a list of handy facts about the companies the soon-to-be-formed Brasil Foods, Perdigão and Sadia.


1. Perdigão is one of the largest food companies in Latin America. It ranks third in poultry slaughtering and ranks among the ten largest hog slaughtering companies in the world.

2. The company’s presence is also significant in the ready to use pastry, pie, pizza, puff-pastry and frozen vegetable segments.

3. Perdigão is also one of the leading Brazilian companies in milk collection. Having a worldwide reach, its products are sold to more than 110 countries.

4. Perdigão has sales offices in England, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Austria, France, Russia, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Singapore, Japan and Madeira (Portugal), plus a distribution centre in Holland.

5. The company posted a 41% jump in EBIT to BRL709m (US$317.3m) for 2008 as acquisitions and rising exports boosted sales. Net sales climbed 72% to BRL11.39bn, with meat exports up 54% and processed dairy shipments up 38.8%. In all, export sales rose 58%.


6. Sadia is one of the world’s leading producers of chilled and frozen foods and Brazil’s main exporter of meat-based products.

7. Sadia has 12 industrial plants in Brazil that together produce over 1.3 million tons of protein-based products coming from chicken, turkey, pork and beef, as well as pasta, margarines and desserts.

8. Sadia runs commercial offices in England, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

9. In March 2009 Sadia booked a net loss of BRL2.48bn, compared to annual income of BRL768.3m.

10. Sadia currently exports to over 65 different markets, mainly in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Japan, Southeastern Asia and the Americas.