Canadian dairy cooperative Agropur has announced president Serge Riendeau will retire in February.

When Riendeau step downs at Agropur’s annual shareholder meeting on 8 February, he would have been the co-op’s president for 15 years. Riendeau would also have had a seat on the co-op’s board for 25 years.

Agropur said its annual sales had risen from CAD1.8bn to CAD6bn during Riendeau’s tenure as president from 2002 to 2016, making it one of the world’s 20 largest dairy processors.

“I feel satisfied with the job I have done and I am confident that Agropur is in excellent shape to continue its development,” Riendeau said.

Robert Coallier, the CEO of Agropur, said Riendeau “can be proud of his contribution to Agropur’s success during the 25 years he devoted to the cooperative”, adding: “I salute his vision and his leadership, which were instrumental in the organisation’s development, in its exponential growth, which has propelled it into the ranks of the world’s largest dairy processors, and in the productive relationships forged with partners and internally.”