Ajinomoto, the Japan-based food and ingredients major, is to form an unusual joint venture that will use technology to make its corporate functions more efficient.

The company has struck a deal with business consultants Accenture to form a venture in Japan to “accelerate its operational transformation”.

Ajinomoto Digital Business Partners Co. will run the operations of Ajinomoto’s corporate divisions, which include human resources, office management and procurement. Ajinomoto will hold a 67% stake in the venture, with Accenture owning 33%.

The agreement between Ajinomoto and Accenture is uncommon in the food industry.

In a statement, Ajinomoto said the venture “will leverage the power” of robotic process automation, analytics and artificial intelligence “to deliver services that enhance the functionality and efficiency” of its corporate functions.

“Ajinomoto remains focused on priority product domains and improving employee productivity to realize sustainable growth and become a genuine global specialty company,” Masaya Tochio, representative director, member of the board and corporate senior vice president at Ajinomoto, said. “The joint venture with Accenture will foster the next generation of talent that focuses on higher value-added work to provide competitive services and help Ajinomoto perform a pivot to the operating model that consistently delivers greater customer value.”

Atsushi Egawa, Accenture’s country managing director in Japan, added: “For organisations to drive transformation by improving productivity and creating new value, they need to incorporate digital technologies into every process through cooperation with external partners. Using our global experience and expertise in digital transformation and our industrialised processes, we will serve as Ajinomoto’s partner throughout their transformation journey, helping Ajinomoto reinforce its foundation for further growth.”