Union officials claim that milk supplies to supermarkets in the north of England will be disrupted during Easter by a three-day strike over pensions and holiday pay. 

The industrial action is scheduled to begin on 1 April. Unite, the union representing the group of 100 Arla drivers alongside the GMB, said the dispute stemmed from Arla Foods' decision to transfer the drivers' employment contracts to Leeds-based Moran Logistics. 

Even though Moran is the new employer, Unite argues that Arla is "short-changing and not honouring agreements" with the drivers over outstanding holiday pay and pension benefits.
Arla's milk supplies to Aldi, Asda, Morrisons and Tesco across the north of England will be impacted, Unite warned. 
Unite national officer for road transport Matt Draper said: "This dispute is quite complex. Arla Foods transferred the drivers to Moran Logistics without settling the holiday pay and pension benefits issues that could amount to several thousands of pounds, depending on the individual driver.
"Arla Foods could settle the holiday and pension issues very quickly, if it wanted to and so avoid milk supplies over the Easter holiday being severely disrupted with anticipated shortages in the supermarkets throughout the north of England. The ball is very much in Arla’s court, and Unite and the GMB are ready for constructive talks at any time."

Arla did not respond to request for comment at time of press.