Vietnam has claimed it has halted the spread of bird flu in the country, saying the number of affected provinces has remained stable and there have been few new cases in many of the provinces.

“As of now, Vietnam has succeeded in containing bird flu,” Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Huy Ngo was quoted by Bloomberg as saying. “This is an extremely important result for us.”

According to Bui Quang Anh, director of the country’s animal health department, no new outbreaks have been detected for at least ten days in 38 of the 57 affected provinces, Bloomberg reported.

Vietnam has been badly hit by bird flu, as the virus has led to 15 human fatalities and infected 57 of the country’s 64 provinces. More than 38 million chickens, or around 15% of the country’s poultry stock, have either died of the disease or been culled to prevent its spread.