Aldi will become the first supermarket chain in Australia to charge a standard price for goods across all its stores.

According to local reports, the discount chain has decided to implement a nationwide pricing structure.

Managing director Michael Kloeters said: “National pricing is another, new customer-friendly initiative aimed at providing greater trust and price transparency for consumers.

“All consumers should be able to buy brand quality products at the same everyday low prices regardless of where they live”.

The move comes as the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission investigates competition in the local grocery retail sector.

The probe was launched back in January by the Australian government, which claimed to want to see local families get a “fair deal at the supermarket”.

Australia’s grocery retail scene is dominated by two groups, Woolworths and Coles, which, according to some estimates, account for 80% of the sector.

Some industry watchers say a lack of competition in the sector inflates prices on supermarket shelves.