Australian retailer Coles has developed a private-label gluten-free line as demand for products without gluten increases in the country.

The Coles Simply Gluten Free line has over 40 products that the retailer said will make the “destination” for consumers that are intolerant to gluten or suffering from coeliac disease.

Vanessa Hattersley, Coles’ nutrition and wellbeing manager, said: “We understand that living with gluten intolerances, depending on the individual, can be difficult and following a gluten free diet is often inconvenient. The new Coles Simply Gluten Free range has been created with these customers in mind, offering more gluten-free products at better value price points all in the one place.”

While the UK and the US are held up as two international markets with developed gluten-free sectors, Australia is also seen as a market where demand for the foods is taking off, which has attracted interest from domestic and overseas companies.

In June, UK firm Genius Foods said it would team up with Melbourne-based Gourmet Gluten Free Bakery (GGFB) to launch its products in Australia. Genius’ first listing was with Coles.

The gluten-free sector in Australia has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. Local regulations mean companies can only market products as free from gluten if they contain “no detectable gluten”. The Australian Food and Grocery Council is considering making an application to lift the threshold to 20mg of gluten per kg, in line with the UK, the US, Canada and the EU.

The AGFC claims it has the support of “80-90% of gluten-free manufacturers. However, one major firm, Freedom Foods Group, has criticised the idea.