The food watchdog for Australia and New Zealand has issued a recall on Muso Co.’s Bonsoy soy milk as a result of the product containing “unusually high levels” of iodine.

Coffee shops, retail and other outlets have been advised not use the product after nine adults and one child reported thyroid problems following consumption of the milk.

The Japanese soy milk is manufactured in Japan and imported into Australia by Spiral Foods Pty.

The milk is enriched with “Kombu” which is a seaweed product. Food Standards Australia New Zealand, however, has advised that levels of iodine in the milk were at a level that is “likely to exceed tolerable daily intakes for iodine” when as little as 30ml (one eighth of a cup) is consumed per day by an adult.

Daily consumption of a cup of Bonsoy soy milk could lead to a daily iodine intake of more than 7,500 micrograms at the levels tested. A healthy daily iodine intake is about 80–150 micrograms with a recommended safe upper limit of 1,100 micrograms per day for adults, the food safety authority said.

It is understood that Bonsoy is the only soy milk product identified through testing to have high levels of iodine to date.