Sydney grocery prices have shot up 40% in the last 30 months according to new statistics out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Eggs have seen the biggest rise of 38% with a dozen now priced at AUS$4.10 (US$3.82) compared with AUS$3.05 in September 2005.

Also high on the price list is baby food which has seen a 52% increase, bread has seen a 32% increase, as have tomatoes.

Rising food prices are continuing globally. In the UK the increases have added nearly GBP600 to a family’s annual grocery bill in the past year, driving shoppers to economise and leading to the first fall in high street sales in almost two years.

In the US, retail food prices have risen 4% in the last year, the biggest jump in 17 years, according to the US Department of Agriculture, with another 3-4% rise expected this year.