Anti-GM campaigners from environmental lobby group Greenpeace have reportedly targeted Australia’s largest poultry producer Ingham Enterprises.

Protesters from the group wore chicken suits at shopping centres in several main cities to draw attention to the issue and gather consumer support.

Greenpeace claims Ingham Enterprises is the largest single user of GM soy in Australia. The group also says many consumers were concerned about the use of GM soy in chicken feed, reported the Australian Associated Press.

Ingham Enterprises has previously said that the use of GM ingredients did not affect the GM-free status of its chicken products.

“Animals that eat feed with a component of GM soymeal are no different to alternative animals that may have been fed a low-GM or GM-free diet,” the company said in a statement in October. 

“There is no GM DNA evident in the animal tissues. There is no scientific evidence to support the Greenpeace statements.”