Agsell, the marketing arm of NSW Agriculture, is hoping to alert Australian apple growers to the export potential within the Indian market.

After engineering a trail shipment, Agsell is currently in the final stages of negotiation for the sale of nearly 1400 tonnes of red delicious apple, which will net growers up to A$1.5m. Pat Abraham, manager of the marketing company, explained “Apples are part of the staple diet in India so they hit the market and sold well.”

And the message is there is plenty more potential for export opportunities where that came from. “We could supply fresh apples when the locally grown alternative in India was old, floury fruit,” said Abraham.

“There are tens of millions of people in India who are able to spend money on products like these apples and there are always opportunities,” he added.

Minister for agriculture in NSW, Richard Amery, believes that the selling of the shipment is timely for growers of red delicious apples, which are waning in domestic popularity. “The cementing of this market in its early days will be an important step for the long-term apple trade with India,” he said. “Agsell staff are to be congratulated for facilitating the initial consignment and achieving this marketing breakthrough for the industry.”