Australian biscuit manufacturer Arnott’s has announced a commitment to ensuring that genetically modified ingredients do not enter its supply chains.

“We continue to audit all our suppliers to seek to ensure our products contain ingredients derived from non-genetically modified crops. And we have sought, and will continue to seek, assurances from our suppliers of animal-derived products that they not use feed that contains genetically modified material,” Arnott’s said in a letter that was forwarded to environmental lobby group Greenpeace.

The new policy statement was prompted by concern over public protests by a New Zealand community group (PMEA) who this weekend planned to launch a public campaign against Arnott’s, Greenpeace said.

“Over the last year we’ve seen a real shift in the Australian food industry, with many major brands and most of the dairy industry moving to GE-free policies. ” Greenpeace spokesperson, John Hepburn said.

Greenpeace is currently campaigning against poultry giant Inghams, which it says is using unlabelled GE ingredients in its poultry feed. For more on that story, click here.