The low price of land in Australia, combined with the high returns on agricultural activity, may prove an irresistible to New Zealand farmers, so partly Fonterra-owned food manufacturer Bonlac Foods is hoping.

Industry leaders are pointing to Australia for the next dairying boom and Bonlac is wasting no time in appealing to farmers from Waikato district and the towns of Paeroa, Matamata and Te Awamutu, with a series of meetings planned, starting on 28 January.
Former Bonlac CEO Graeme Milne told Stuff that Kiwi farmers are likely to see Australia is as the next obvious option as much of the dairy land in New Zealand is already used: “There are a lot of farmers from New Zealand looking in Australia already.

“All we’re doing is saying . . . we’ll give some information to get you running just a little bit faster.”

Farms in Australia are currently selling for anything between A$5000-7000 (US$2500-3500) a hectare, and farm workers are able to earn more than A$35,000 a year.