Premier food manufacturers throughout the world rely on genuine Australian ginger from Buderim Ginger Ltd., the world’s largest source of processed ginger, for their products, whether candy, baked goods, sauces, condiments or jams.

As of this week, in order to continue sufficient supply of first quality ginger to U. S. food manufacturers, Buderim Ginger Inc. is now the sole source of genuine Australian-grown and processed ginger for the American industrial market.

Buderim Ginger Inc. has been supplying the world’s candy industry with top quality ginger products for decades. The company commenced operation in 1941 and is publicly owned and traded on the Australian Stock Exchange. It entered the US market via distributors in 1993. Having experienced 20% per annum growth in Australian sales during the last four years, Buderim has just announced similar goals for the USA now that it has taken full control of the market.

“We’ve elected to supply the US market directly in order to protect our customers from inferior and non genuine product, as well as providing shorter door to door delivery times”, Paul Ritchie, General Manager for Marketing & Sales, explains. “As the exclusive source for the world’s finest ginger, only Buderim can assure its customers continuity of quality and supply 12 months a year.”

This distribution change also means more competitive product pricing. The company will pass along favorable currency exchange rates, in contrast to the previous practice of distributor retention.

Core products from Buderim Ginger are drained, syruped, and dusted ginger, crystallized ginger, and fresh, pickled and dried ginger. Only Buderim Ginger Ltd. has ISO 9001 accreditation and a HACCP-based food safety plan systems that guarantee quality and consistency throughout its product line.

Although ginger is grown commercially in many countries, including China, Thailand, and Fiji, it is Australian ginger that is universally acknowledged as the world’s best.

In Australia, quality control from grower to processing is uncompromising. The timing of each harvest is especially crucial. Each harvest is graded in quality. State of the art computer and laser technology sorts each harvest to select the most optimum ginger for a particular product application.

Buderim offers more than 100 products to supply all segments of the growing American market for ginger. With an international reputation for outstanding customer service, highly favorable pricing, and commitment to US market growth, Buderim will continue to be the sole source for quality ginger in North America.