The face that launched hundreds of food products is to fade into the background as Dick Smith Foods adopts a new advertising strategy.

A new A$1m (US$537,000) campaign to be launched in national magazines and on public transport posters will focus not on the usual face of founder Dick Smith, but on the farmers who grow ingredients for the food products the company sells.

Research showed that consumers were largely familiar with the Dick Smith face and ethos, and were ready for a new message. The new campaign will be accompanied by a new slogan: “Helping Australian farmers leaves a good taste in your mouth.”

Dick Smith said of the change of strategy: “I support the experiment and I hope it works because it’s quite different from anything I have done in the past […] Believe it or not I don’t actually like using my own face.”

Dick Smith’s unique selling point is its determination to challenge the increasing dominance of foreign-owned companies in the Australian food sector. One of the other advertising campaign ideas rejected in favour of the new farming strategy was the concept of a graveyard of brands no longer owned by Australian companies.