Nearly 600 angry dairy farmers confronted police yesterday (8 February) while demonstrating in front of the Sheraton Brisbane Hotel & Towers, Brisbane. More than 300 had already tried to force their way into the Coalition party’s campaign launch, where preparations were being made for the Queensland elections.

Farmers would rather cut off milk supply to the whole of the state than quietly go bankrupt, said Shane Paulger, president of the Australian Milk Producers Association Queensland.

Since industry deregulation in July last year, millions of dollars have been lost in quota credits, and the average dairy farm income has plummeted by a quarter, making many farms economically unviable.

Politicians from the National Party, Mike Horan and Geoff Seeney, attempted to tell the crowd that they were doing all they could to alleviate the situation. While many farmers continue to struggle however, time is running out.

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