Gene Ethics Network, the anti-GM group, has revealed plans to colour-coding supermarkets and food manufacturers on the basis of their stance on genetic modification.

Dependent on the effort put in by retailers and processors to label food GM-free, companies will be attributed a traffic light grading system of green, amber or red; where green is an indicator of the most organised approach to GM labelling.

Bob Phelps, director of the Gene Ethics Network, told ABC Rural News that the system will be introduced in about a fortnight: “Well our plan ultimately is to try to group the food processors into three categories, those who are labelling GE-free and are doing the right thing.

“Secondly, we’re looking to put those companies seeking to eliminate genetically engineered foods from their food supplies into a second amber category, and thirdly, those who are simply thumbing their noses at Australian food buyers will go into the red category.”