Australian manufacturers of the popular Mars bar are working on a new formula for the chocolate bar in order to remove trans fat from the ingredients without compromising on taste or texture.

Trans fat, a hydrogenated vegetable fat use in many processed foods, has been linked to heart problems caused by “bad” cholesterol.

While the UK manufacturer of the popular snack has already removed trans fat from Mars bars, a spokesman for Masterfoods Australia New Zealand said the ingredient would be removed within six to 12 months, reported the Courier Mail.

A spokesman for UK mars manufacturer Masterfoods UK said that although the science on trans fat is still controversial, there was an undeniable level of public concern on the issue.

“For that reason we have been working on a programme to reduce our use of hydrogenated fats without sacrificing the taste our consumers want.

“We have already succeeded in removing hydrogenated fats from Mars and Snickers bar recipes.”

A spokesman for rival chocolate maker Cadbury said its ingredients were under constant review, but the company had no specific plans to remove trans fat from its recipes.