Recognising the critical shortage of medical professionals in rural Victoria, the fastfood giant McDonald’s is launching a fundraising campaign this Friday (6 October) in its 32 regional restaurants.
Health resources in rural areas are severely lacking, and Peter Walsh, president of the Victorian Farmers Federation, revealed that: “40 per cent of people living in the country are more likely to die from preventable causes such as asthma and diabetes than those in capital cities.”

The news prompted McDonald’s to expand its campaign, previously based in Gippsland, and the money raised will be directed to the Rural Health Scholarship Foundation, which orchestrates projects to encourage health professionals in the restaurant sector.

For sixteen days, the restaurants will sell A$1 tractor cards, and then host a Rural Relief Day, when farmers, local celebrities will cook and serve the Big Macs which will raise $1 per sale for the fund.

The Victorian Farmers Federation Rural Relief Fund is expecting to be bolstered by anything up to A$80,000.