US burger behemoth McDonald’s is used to tailoring its multinational menu according to local tastes. In India, McDonald’s outlets go a long way to curry favour. Now in Australia however, the chain is set to eat humble pie.

The traditional pie and chips much loved by Australian consumers is set to hit the McDonald’s menu, and the company revealed that if it proves popular, the meal could be offered to other countries.

The trial of pies, pastries and sausage rolls begins as a McCafe selection today in Sydney, and they are all produced by domestic pie maker Vili’s. Matthew O’Donnell, spokesman for Vili’s, commented: “[For] a small family-owned company to be approached by McDonald’s […] is great.”

“They’ll soon be saying ‘would you like pies with that?’” he added.

O’Donnell noted that Vili’s, which already exports halal meats to Muslim countries, is the only Australian bakery accredited to supply the American market.