Outback MP Peter Black is no stranger to criticism from conservation groups or colleagues. Last year he outraged associates by distributing a recipe for poached koala bear. This year however, his call to lift kangaroo cull quotas and promote the kangaroo meat industry in Europe is receiving a little more serious attention.

Annually, the kangaroo meat industry commands sales of around A$200m, and keeps around 4,000 Australians in employment, but given the situation in foreign climes, Black believes this could be dramatically increased. As a series of animal diseases spreads across Europe and attacks consumer confidence in home grown meat, the evidence suggests that Europeans are looking to Australia to fill their plates.

“The foot and mouth disease and mad cow disease have sparked interest in kangaroo as a safe and low cholesterol alternative to other meats,” explained Black. “I want to see restaurants in Paris, London, Milan and Zurich with kangaroo on their menu.”