Patriotic Australian food producer Dick Smith is to launch a new series of adverts next week, part of an A$1m (US$500,000) press and outdoor campaign that capitalises on nationwide support for farmers.

Smith, who markets foodstuffs carrying the “Australian Made and Owned” stamp, explained that new research had revealed that Australians placed more emphasis on helping farmers than on concern that profits are disappearing overseas. He added that his company is protesting on behalf of both camps.

“It’s interesting,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald, “we all cling to the coast but we identify with the country. We want our farmers to survive … we want our country towns to survive.’”

The campaign slogan, designed by Adpartners will be “Helping Australian farmers leaves a good taste in your mouth”. Adpartners’ Trevor Fearnley told the paper that this new campaign is different because it does not focus on Smith’s face: “Yes I think that was a bit of a shock to Dick.”