Science company Spherix has announced that Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has approved the firm’s tagatose sweetener for use in foods.

Marketed and produced by Spherix’s licensee, Arla Foods Ingredients, under the brand name Gaio tagatose, the low-calorie sweetener was authorised with no stated use limitations by FSANZ, the food health and safety agency for Australia and New Zealand. This action opens up a significant new market for the novel food product, Spherix said.

“There are no public health and safety concerns associated with the use of D-tagatose as proposed,” FSANZ said. The proposed uses include use in breakfast cereals, carbonated diet soft drinks, non-carbonated diet soft drinks, low-fat and fat-free ice cream, low-fat frozen dairy desserts, diet/health bars, diet soft confectionery, hard confectionery, icings/frostings, and special purpose foods/meal replacements.

Arla Foods began commercial production of tagatose last year in partnership with the German sugar producer, Nordzucker, having formed a 50/50 joint venture called Sweetgredients.