The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has invited interested parties to comment on a draft national food standard to ensure high levels of safety in the seed sprouts industry. Respondents will also be asked to comment on an application to approve Advantame as a high-intensity sweetener.

Advantame is a food additive, which has been created by Ajinomoto Company and must be approved by FSANZ before it can be sold in Australia and New Zealand. The body has said that Advantame poses no risk to public health and safety for Australian or New Zealand consumers and recommends it for use in table top sugar substitues, and a range of powdered beverages and protein drinks.

Additionally, the FSANZ is seeking regulatory food safety measures for sprout producers in Australia as there are no consistent national requirements for the production of seed sprouts.

It is now seeking comment on the proposals from industry, public health professionals, government agencies and consumers.