The demand for fastfood during the Olympic games has exceeded all expectations, with caterers already running out of supplies. Companies are now working extended hours to rejuvenate the stock of pizzas, nuts, soups and omelettes. The John Lewis Food Service reported that more food has already been consumed than was expected to disappear throughout the entire Games.

Games organisers are dealing with 500 more competitors than usual this year, following the SOCOG’s promise to spend A$37m on covering the transport costs of nearly 200 teams world-wide. Bob Elphinston, sports general manager at SOCOG, revealed that more than 11000 athletes were now arriving in Sydney, putting pressure on room and bed space as well as food supplies.

National Account manager for John Lewis Lisa Vorano also revealed that the organisation within the athlete’s food halls were to blame for the huge volumes of food being eaten. “They can’t limit the amount of food going on athlete’s plates,” said Vorano, adding: “there is no ticketing system and people are coming back for two or three helpings.”