Restaurants across Australia have been given one year to completely eradicate the practice of smoking indoors. After the deadline, non-compliant businesses will face a fine of up to A$1,500. Eateries must also provide non-smoking parts in their outdoor seating areas.

Health Minister Wendy Edmond commented that the year-long deadline would mean companies have more than enough time to enforce any necessary changes, but that they will not receive any government assistance. Spokespeople from the Heart Foundation commented however that they could have been introduced earlier.

The introduction of the new legislation comes after more than 12 months of consultation between the hospitality industry and the government.

Peter Beattie, leader of the SA government, commented: “Passive smoking can be just as harmful to health and as annoying to non-smokers under canopies and umbrellas as it is indoors. I believe that all fair-thinking Queenslanders will support this legislation because 3000 Queenslanders a year die from smoking-related diseases.”