Cattle Council of Australia President, Keith Adams, said cattle producers should be pleased that sense and sensibility had prevailed at Meat and Livestock Australia’s Annual General Meeting in defeating John Carter’s proposed change to the Company’s Constitution.

“In just three year’s operation of Meat and Livestock Australia, this year’s proposal was Mr Carter’s third failed attempt to change the Board structure of the Company.  With support dwindling year after year, it is time Mr Carter left industry to get on with the job.

“The 70.9 per cent defeat of this motion was a win for good judgment and I thank the processing, live export, lotfeeding and producing sectors for their support in saying no to this undemocratic scheme.

“Activities that attract joint or co-funding are conducted co-operatively, involving regular consultation through individual Meat and Livestock Australia committees and the Board.  The industry also continues to work effectively through established forums such as the Red Meat Advisory Council, SAFEMEAT and a multitude of non-MLA committees.

“We will continue to work effectively through the current structure. Producer/processor cooperation through this structure has proved most effective in furthering initiatives that benefit the entire industry and I am extremely confident this can be built upon.  It is time all our efforts are directed towards improving the business of the Australian beef and cattle industry. “I congratulate Peter Milliken, Phil Morley and Ian Watson on their election to the Board of Meat and Livestock Australia.  Cattle Council of Australia looks forward to continuing its strong and mutually respective association with MLA and the Board over the next twelve months.”