A food product withdrawn in Britain because of the Sudan 1 dye scare has been found on sale in Australia, according to Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

“Investigations by the Australian states and territories have found that the product ‘Walkers Worcester Sauce Flavoured Crisps’ is available in Australia in a limited number of retail outlets that specialise in British specialty foods,” the agency said. This product is one of the products being withdrawn from sale in the United Kingdom because of the possible presence of Sudan dyes.

Retailers have voluntarily withdrawn these products from sale. Similar to the situation in New Zealand, the product is not believed to have widespread distribution nor to be in the country in great numbers because it appears to be sold through specialty British food outlets and not through supermarkets or other large chains. Other varieties of Walkers crisps have not been implicated in the recall in the United Kingdom.

At this time, there is no indication that any other products implicated in the UK recall are available in Australia, the agency said.