Australian wheat growers have welcomed the news of a delay in the passing of a ten-year US farm bill, revealing that they will now take advantage of the opportunity to try and convince the US Senate to change its plans for the bill, in particular its passage of huge subsidies to US farmers.

Keith Perrett, president of the Australian Grains Council, said that the bill as it stands could only harm Australia financially. He said in a statement: “Any delay in its passage should see more considered debate and hopefully a better outcome for Australian and US producers in the long term.”

Perrett explained that the bill will give US producers the competitive advantage, and that “some of the most worrying proposals are the major increases in commodity specific domestic support and the opportunity to reintroduce the Export Enhancement Program of export subsidies, which will continue to have a detrimental impact on Australian grain growers”.
The farm bill aims to extend subsidies and protection worth up to A$340bn (US$175.7bn) to US farmers.

Meanwhile, US farm groups have criticised the delay in the passing of the bill.

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