Australian supermarket giant Woolworths has said it has finalised arrangements with fuel company Caltex Australia to extend their petrol joint venture to around 450 outlets.

Woolworths CEO Roger Corbett said the company’s offer of a 4 cents per litre petrol discount for customers who spend more than A$30 (US$21.5) in Woolworths or Big W stores will be extended nationwide.

The arrangements finalised this week replace interim start-up arrangements that began on 21 November 2003 and resulted in 41 Caltex sites being co-branded Caltex Woolworths and accepting Woolworths fuel redemption vouchers.

The final arrangements will see the 305 Woolworths sites become jointly branded while Caltex expects that it will co-brand more than 130 of its sites near Woolworths’ stores. The Caltex sites involved in the arrangement will include company-operated sites and franchisees selling fuel under a commission agency agreement.

The re-branding of the Woolworths sites to Caltex Woolworths and the rollout of the additional Caltex sites as co-branded stations will commence immediately and will completed as soon as practicable, the companies said.

Corbett said that the addition of more than 130 Caltex sites would provide national, cost effective and customer-convenient coverage that would ensure that the optimum number of Woolworths supermarkets and BIG W stores would be supported by adjacent Caltex Woolworths petrol sites.