An outlet of Australian retail giant Woolworths is facing a A$2000 (US$1000) fine after it was judged to have sold minced meat in such a way as to have mislead consumers over its quality, in the ACT Magistrates Court.

The Lanyon Market Place store sold and displayed minced meat which was not as lean as its labelling suggested on 1 and 16 August last year, said the Health Protection Service.

According to a statement of facts reported in the Canberra Times, a consumer detected the problem after buying two packets of “Minced Beef Heart Smart”: “That evening the witness proceeded to cook one of the … packets and noticed a considerable amount of fat collecting in the base of the pan and did not believe it conformed to the label on the package.”

The Health Protection Service later discovered that the packet contained 10.8g of fat per 100g, rather than the 5g as stated on the label.