An Austrian supermarket chain has launched four new supermarkets designed specifically for older shoppers.

Adeg, which operates over 700 supermarkets in Austria, has opened two supermarkets in Vienna and two near Salzburg, which aim to make shopping easier for the over-fifties, reported Agence France Presse.

Among the enhancements made to the stores are larger print on labels, special non-slip floors, rest areas, wide aisles with no high shelves, reading glasses available at the door, and magnifying glasses at the dairy and meat counters.

“The age pyramid has been turned on its head. More than one in three Austrians are older than 50 and today the elderly are an active and mobile demographic group,” Kurt Erlacher, who developed the concept, was quoted by AFP as saying.

Adeg, which is 75% owned by Germany’s Edeka, plans to adapt ten more of its stores to the Aktiv Markt 50 Plus format by the end of the year.