Belgian headquartered Cargill Texturizing Solutions, part of US agribusiness company Cargill has launched patented starch that promises higher food quality and cost savings for manufacturers, as well as increasing choice for environmentally concerned consumers.

C*DeliTex is a unique UHT texturizing product which is ideal for use in UHT treated soups, sauces and UHT dairy deserts and other UHT treated-product markets, the company said. This is a sector which saw a 22% rise in 2004, it said.

This new ingredient has been recognised by organisers of the prestigious FiE show, who shortlisted C*DeliTex in the “Most Innovative Ingredient” award.

Processing with C*DeliTex ensures reduced fouling, resulting in longer production runs and subsequently less cleaning time. The low viscosity of the product during heating gives a better heat penetration which leads to cost savings through conserving energy – not only saving manufacturers money, but proving attractive to the increasingly large number of consumers concerned with ‘green’ issues. 

“C*DeliTex is an exciting product that offers a range of benefits in a number of applications,” said Mark Wastijn, marketing director of Cargill Texturizing Solutions. “C*DeliTex is representative of our work to deliver innovative texturizing solutions that equally benefit consumers and manufactures.”

C*DeliTex 75320 has a newly patented combination of alkaline bleaching and n-octenylsuccinylation which gives a substantial improvement of texture and viscosity stability.  The specific viscosity of C*DeliTex provides improved thin-thick functionality (in UHT processing) and optimal stable viscosity development (in catering applications).

C*DeliTex can be used in a range of applications including UHT processed soups, sauces, custards, liquid pancakes and numerous catering applications.