Brazilian meat exporter Perdigao has said it plans to continue with further international expansion next year, having achieved substantial growth in overseas markets during 2004.

The company said the success is due in part to greater activity at Perdigao’s offices in Dubai, England and the Netherlands, plus the inauguration of its Singapore office and a new approach to the Japanese market. The result will be an almost 50% increase in exports, compared with 2003, to BRL2.7bn (US$0.98bn), equivalent to 56% of net sales.

The company’s plan for 2005 is to expand exports by penetrating new overseas markets. Perdigao said South Korea, Malaysia and China are promising markets for poultry exports and commercial negotiations with these countries are already well advanced.

Perdigao expects sales of approximately BRL5.5bn for 2004, 26% higher than in 2003, thanks to higher export volumes, stronger export prices and the second-half recovery of the Brazilian economy.