Food company Perdigao has announced that it has entered the beef market, mainly for export and launching margarine in Brazil.

The company has signed an agreement with Arantes Alimentos Ltda., which will provide industrial beef processing products and should result in production of approximately 60,000 tons of beef products in 2006. This production volume should increase Perdigao’s overall sales by close to 270m reais (US$119m)

 The company will export cuts under the Perdix brand name.  In Brazil, the company will sell top cuts for barbecue under the Perdigao and Nabrasa brands. The Arantes plant handling the processing is located in Cachoeira Alta, state of Goias, and is licensed to export to the European Union, Hong Kong and Arab, African, East European and South American countries.  The plant has been closed for the past four months but will resume production this October, slaughtering approximately 750 head of cattle per day for Perdigao.

In a separate initiative, Perdigao is entering the Brazilian market for margarines, offering two brands with distinctive flavors.  Perdigao is launching the first Brazilian margarine especially aimed at the children’s market under the Turma da Monica brand and another more traditional version under the Borella brand name. The production of the margarines will be in association with Coamo Agroindustrial Cooperativa from Campo Mourao, state of Parana.