Sadia said today (27 July) a rise in its second-quarter results demonstrated recovery from the worst period following the avian flu crisis.

The Brazilian food processing company said that net income reached R$109.4m (US$56.6m) during the second qaurter, compared to R$17.6m in the same period last year. Net income for the first six months of the year reached R$205.5m, while in the first half of 2006 reached R$84.5m.

Gilberto Tomazoni, CEO, said: “The first growth reflects a lessening of the concerns about the avian influenza which led to an increase in international demand for poultry and, consequently, to a growth of 40.2% in the revenues from this kind of animal protein.

“The second growth points out to an increase in the market share of processed products in the total volume of the domestic market, from 73.5% in the second quarter of 2006 to 82.6% in the quarter ended in June of the current year.”

Tomanzi said that the company’s export revenues increased 45% in the quarter and shipment prices increased 16.9% on average.