Wal-Mart has launched a line of own-brand ‘healthy’ products in Brazil.

The ‘Feel Well’ includes five varieties; Feeling Well Light, Integral Feel Good, Feel Good Soya, Feel Good and Feel Good Organic Zero.

Feel Good Organic comprises products including fruit and vegetables grown free of pesticides and agrochemicals. The Feeling Well Light range includes products made low in calories such as lasagne, chicken ricotta and pizza.

Feeling Well Soya is a range of products containing roasted soybean and calcium. Feeling Well Integral are products “full of nutrients and flavour” and includes oats, cereals and muesli. Feel Good Zero is a range of “zero sugar, zero calorie” products.

The range will be available in Wal-Mart Stores, Hyper Bompreço, Bompreço, National, and Big Mercadorama outlets.

“The new line reaches the shelf to meet an increasingly growing demand among Brazilians, who have a concern with the health and welfare,” said Julia Pettineo, director of own brand at Wal-Mart Brazil.