Wal-Mart in Brazil has revealed plans to implement a responsible purchasing policy for fish and a traceability programme for perishable products.

Wal-Mart Brazil president Héctor Núñez said yesterday (24 August) the company is committed to the sustainable development of fishery and aquaculture in Brazil and plans to increase the amount of fish it sources from the Amazon.

The company plans to identify the source and location of production for 100% of its fish suppliers, increase supply and incentives for fish from the Amazonian region, the development of an artisanal fishery programme and the implementation of a traceability system for all fish produced in Brazil.

Additionally the company announced yesterday that it has launched a traceability programme for perishable products, mainly meat, produce and poultry. The programme is called “Selected Quality, Guaranteed Origin” and will allow customers to see where their food has come from using a bar-code available on their packages.

The first product to be launched through this platform is its private label meat Campeiro, with six different cuts.

“Due to all the challenges in cattle raising related to the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, meat is the first item in this programme, which starts with the intent to monitor our produce products, which will probably happen by the end of this year”, Héctor said.

The programme will begin in São Paulo, reaching the other states by mid September.