British Columbia’s milk promotion organisation BC Dairy Foundation has launched a new promotion campaign for milk that takes viewers back to the Stone Age.

The ads feature cavemen, dinosaurs, and other fierce prehistoric beasts, with the slogan: “It’s always been survival of the fittest. Drink milk.”

“The creative execution is totally unique in milk advertising, clever, and filled with engaging visuals,” says Robin Smith, executive director of BC Dairy Foundation. “Our mission is to breakthrough – get the attention of young adults – and get them thinking differently about milk as a beverage and then drink more of it. So, you’re not going to see cold glasses of milk, close-ups of kids or obvious nutritional information. Our audience understands the subtle and humourous approach.”

The television and cinema spots were animated in Ireland using state-of-the-art computer animation. They tell the stories of unfortunate cavemen who meet their untimely demise after making a poor beverage choice and getting more than they bargained for. A new web site allows visitors to interact with the campaign and continues the survival of the fittest theme.